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Quotes are valid for 30 days.     

We cannot hold dates or provide tentative bookings. To confirm your quote and secure your date, we require an initial non-refundable 20% payment.     It is your responsibility to review all event details, including the date, wedding venue, and quantities of items to be delivered. Booking Confirmation     A booking is confirmed upon receipt of an initial non-refundable 20% payment.     This initial payment is non-refundable. It is compensation for our work done to date and is required to secure our services for your date because it precludes us from booking             another event on your event date.     This payment will be deducted from the total owing.       Changes to the quote can be made under the conditions outlined in the Changes to Quote” section. Payment Terms     The balance owing on your order is due 30 days prior to your wedding date.     We cannot deliver any items or event designs without final confirmation of payment receipt.     Payments can be made bank transfer or credit card.  Credit cards will be subject to a 2.5% processing fee. Changes to Quote     Upon accepting this quote, you are agreeing to the items and to the total value listed.     Should you wish to make changes to the items in this quote, we require a minimum of 30 days before your event date. However, please note, the final quote amount cannot be         reduced by more than 10% from the original agreed-upon estimate.     Additions to your quote can be made up till 1 week before the event date.     Changes to your event date and venue can only be made under the conditions listed in the “Rescheduled & Relocated Events” section.     All changes must be made in writing to Event Cancellations     If the client decides to cancel this agreement, it must be done in writing to at least 30 days before the event.     Events cancelled within 30 days of the event date remain payable in full, regardless of the circumstance.     If you cancel your event and provide more than 30 days' notice, the initial payment made remains non-refundable. Moneys paid above and beyond the initial 25% payment will be         refunded.      Rescheduled & Relocated Events     The client must advise of any change to the event venue or event date in writing to     We will do our best to accommodate new dates or location changes however we cannot guarantee our availability.     If we are unavailable on your new event date, or are unable to accommodate your change of venue, the initial 25% payment made remains non-refundable.     If we are available on your new event date, or able to accommodate your venue change, the initial payment made will be transferred to the new date. A new contract and quote will         be drawn up taking into account the changed circumstances. (For instance, wholesale product prices fluctuate through the season, delivery and hourly wages vary depending on             venue set-up requirements.) Price Variations     We reserve the right to amend or change the pricing outlined in this quote in the event of cost changes beyond our control (e.g. wholesale flower prices).     We will make every effort to honour the original agreed price, however, the current  nature of shipping (national/international) dramatically affects wholesale flower prices.     Any price increases will be formally advised to you in writing and a recommendation provided to the client at least 14 days prior to your event date. Product Substitution & Availability      All flowers and foliages are subject to seasonal quality and availability.     Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee availability, exact colours or shades of specific products. When working with nature, there are no guarantees. Unseasonably warm, wet             or cool seasons have a dramatic impact on flower and foliage availability.     Regardless of the availability of specific products, we will always adhere to the agreed colour palette and style of floral design, as outlined in our supplied design inspiration.     We reserve the right to substitute all products to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used. If needed, a final consultation can be arranged to discuss alternative options.     Containers and vases may change due to supplier issues, we will substitute the selected product with items of greater or equal value, in line with the overall look and feel for the             event.     Refunds will not be given for minor changes in flower type or appearance.

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