Bridal bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is likely to be the most photographed piece in your whole wedding, you want it to work with your dress, your personality and your bridal party. ⁠

Remember that a more expensive bouquet, does not mean 'bigger', pricing is based on the value of your flowers not the size. ⁠

Bridesmaids bouquets. I would recommend designing these to be in-keeping with your bouquet, perhaps just slightly smaller or with a subtle change in the colour shade - but not so that they are out of place. ⁠

Ribbon. Do you want your ribbon pinned in neatly to tie your flowers together or to trail? There are some beautiful fabrics you can use and keep forever. Some of my favourite are hand dyed silks and embroidered ribbons. ⁠

Make it last. I always provide a small vase with my bouquets, so whilst you are finishing your hair and make up, your flowers are hydrated. It makes a nice stand for your photographer too. It is good to keep them in water during your dinner and dancing. Just make sure when you lift them out of the water, you dry the stems before holding them close to you.⁠

How do I hold my bouquet? You want to make sure you show off your flowers properly, after all they become an important accessory on your wedding day. Try not to hold them upright, try to relax your arms and tilt your bouquet slightly towards your feet. Keeping the stems short will help with this and it will mean you don't just see the side of your bouquet. ⁠

Preserving or throwing? Many brides enjoy the traditional bouquet toss but maybe you would prefer to preserve your bouquet. I have always found a book can preserve a flower stem but there are many clever ways of preserving your flowers that include them not being hidden away.⁠

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